Welcome to Shalini Shine, your trusted choice for Dish Wash, Toilet Cleaner, and Phynyle Floor Cleaner. Experience superior cleanliness with our premium products

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Experience superior cleanliness with our premium products. Our Dish Wash ensures sparkling dishes with ease, while our Toilet Cleaner guarantees a hygienic and fresh bathroom. Additionally, our Phynyle Floor Cleaner leaves your floors spotless and fragrant. Discover the difference with Shalini Shine today!

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About Us

About Us
Cleaning Is Play Very Important Role In Our Life. Regular Cleaning And Disinfecting Can Do Good Job Of Removing allergens And Germs, Helping To Prevent Illness & Promote Wellness. Our Goal To Provide Best Cleaning Products For You.

Our Shalini Shine Brand Is Here To Keep Your Home Clean And Germs Free, & Your Family Safe And Well. That’s Why We Proudly Share Our Brand With You. Shalini Shine Can Help You Find Solution To All Cleaning Problems And Questions. You Will Find A Solution For Each Cleaning.

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Shalini Shine Dish Wash

Its A Best Lemon Fragrance Dish Wash Liquid Gel. Remove grease from utensils and make them shine in a jiffy.

Shalini Shine Phynyle Floor Cleaner

White phenyl is commonly used to clean floors, tiles, and bathrooms, ensuring hygiene and cleanliness.

Shalini Shine Toilet Cleaner

The ultimate one-stop solution for all your toilet cleaning needs, this thick liquid formula clings to the toilet surface to deeply clean and disinfect from the rim to the u-bend.

Get Your Place Cleaned and Healthy

Ensure a spotless and hygienic home with Shalini Shine’s premium cleaning products. Let us handle the cleaning while you relax and enjoy a healthier living space.

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ECCS Institute of Advance Technologies Nanded
ECCS Institute of Advance Technologies Nanded
M Venkat Das Prakash
M Venkat Das Prakash
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Devraoefgggfgghhjtrffghhhgrdfftgghjjheshh Adkine
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