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Shalini Shine Dish Wash

Its A Best Lemon Fragrance Dish Wash Liquid Gel. Remove grease from utensils and make them shine in a jiffy.
Shalini Shine is the Best Dishwashing Brand.
It has a superior fragrance that lasts long after rinsing utensils
It provides great value for money as only one spoon of Shalini Shine Liquid Dishwash Gel is enough to clean one sink-full of dirty utensils
Shalini Shine Dishwash Liquid Gel deep cleans the utensils and does not leave any white residue behind unlike dishwash bars.
Its pH neutral formula is soft on hands compared to other bars. It can safely be used to clean delicate utensils and all kinds of expensive crockery including the non-stick cookware. It does not leave any scratches on the surfaces and keeps the utensils looking new. It is extremely convenient to use.
Just take a spoonful of Shalini Shine Dishwash Liquid Gel, mix it in a bowl of water and use the mixture to wash an entire sink-full load of dishes.
Packing Available 500ml,5 Litr

Shalini Shine Phynyle Floor Cleaner

White phenyl is commonly used to clean floors, tiles, and bathrooms, ensuring hygiene and cleanliness. It’s favored for its ability to remove tough stains and eliminate unpleasant odors, making it a staple in homes, hospitals, and commercial establishments.
Scented Phynyle Also Available In This Flavour Like Rose, Jasmine,Mogra

Packing Size Available 1 Litr,5 Litr

Shalini Shine Toilet Cleaner

– Tough stain removal
– 10X Cleaning Vs. Ordinary Detergents
– Helps fight odour and unpleasant smells

The ultimate one-stop solution for all your toilet cleaning needs, this thick liquid formula clings to the toilet surface to deeply clean and disinfect from the rim to the u-bend.
Better than detergent, bleach, acid.
it’s your choice for a sparkling clean, hygienic and fresh toilet. It’s suitable for Indian style toilets and does not affect your septic tank.

Packing Size Available 500ml,5 Litr

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